Best Practices In Business Onboarding – How Nexi Developed an End-to-End Digital Onboarding Process and Extended it to Italian Banks

By Marco Fava, Managing Director, CleverAdvice In the last few years, digital onboarding has spread significantly throughout financial services and...

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Consolidation in Payments – Upsides, Downsides, Challenges – A detailed account of two of the most notable mergers and acquisition stories of 2020 in the payments industry: Nexi-SIA and Worldline-Ingenico

Marco Fava, Managing Director, CleverAdvice On 15 November 2020 Nexi Payments, Italy’s leading payment services providers, and Nets, a leading...

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Key Investments Overview in Payments and Fintech 2020-2021

Marco Fava, CleverAdvice 2020 saw significant investments in the payments and fintech industries, a dynamic that has continued in the...

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Covid Contactless – Cost Benefits Bonus for Merchants

Much has been written about the impacts of COVID19 on cash displacement and consumers rapid migration to contactless card payments. ...

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EPI – 10 Critical Success Factors and Key Enablers

By Peter Jones, PSE Consulting Ever since Europe lost EuroPay in the late 1990s, payments stakeholders have been dismayed at...

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In this great conversation, Chris Jones, Managing Director of PSE Consulting interviews Antoine Nougue from who talks through his...

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Payoneer – Marketplace & Orchestration Convergence

In this great conversation, Chris Jones, Managing Director of PSE Consulting interviews Lochan Sim from Payoneer, who provides his perspectives...

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Our vision of the European Payments Initiative (EPI)

By Ronald te Velde and Eppo Heemstra, Connective Payments The EPI (European Payments Initiative) of 16 European banks has gained...

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A View On EPI From Within

By Ronald te Velde and Eppo Heemstra, Connective Payments A universal solution On July 2, 16 European banks from 5...

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Why Regulatory Imposed Acquiring Price Comparison Tables Will Not Work In The UK

By Peter Jones, Chairman, PSE Consulting Regulatory investigations often try to improve the degree of competition within a market (see...

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Recommendations for improving European online payments regulation

By Marco Fava, CleverAdvice According to available data, the payments industry has effectively managed online risk, with payment fraud rates...

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Top Payments Tips to Keep Trading in a Lockdown

By Chris Jones, Managing Director, PSE Consulting In a global first, all the major UK acquirers have come together to...

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